The High School came into being on the 5th of January, 2001 but had started as a junior high school. It is located along the Great East Road in a serene neighbourhood just some fifteen minutes drive away from the Central Business District of the Greater City of Lusaka.   When it became a fully fledged high school it had an intake of 200 grade ten pupils; now there are almost 2,000.

At inception the head teacher was the late Mr. F. Chanda with Mr. N. Siluyele as his deputy.  The current head teacher is Mrs. P.W. Sumbwa and Mrs. A.T.M. Chanda is the deputy.

The decision to create a separate school was conceived mainly because of administrative convenience as Munali had become too big to be managed by one head teacher.  With the advent of the awakening that equal opportunities in education should be given to both sexes, the decision was given added impetus. To that end some of the former boarding houses were converted to the administration and classroom blocks for separate and distinct schools.

Currently the total enrolment stands at 1500 for the regular, 700 from the Academic Production Unit and 200 for the physically challenged pupils.

The school has an establishment of 82 teaching staff and 15 support staff.